战神诸神黄昏 战神5闪闪发光的水晶地点



  • Gleaming Crystals are obtained from the Wishing Well in Vanaheim > The Plains. To get there finish Favor: Scent of Survival. Then access the Wishing Well through The Jungle or The Sinkholes. You must destroy the yellow crystals found throughout the Crater area of Vanaheim and toss them into the Wishing Well. At the well there’s an interaction point where you can throw in the crystals. It will automatically empty all crystals in your inventory to reward you with various crafting materials.
    战神诸神黄昏 战神5闪闪发光的水晶地点 战神诸神黄昏 战神5闪闪发光的水晶地点
    战神诸神黄昏 战神5闪闪发光的水晶地点 战神诸神黄昏 战神5闪闪发光的水晶地点

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