战神诸神黄昏 战神5 Nar的杯赛地点

纳尔杯是《战争之神Ragnarok》中的制作材料。这本指南显示了在哪里可以买到纳尔杯。它被用来制作 ;泰尔芬山,收藏家奖杯的文物之一。


  • Dropped by a Wulver-type boss called “Blatton”, in Vanaheim – The Abandoned Village. It is marked by a red icon on the map. From Freyr’s Camp in the middle of Vanaheimtake a boat and row up the Barri Woods river. From there you can follow the path to the Abandoned Village’s west side. You must use a Celestial Altar to make it daytime, otherwise this passage is blocked. If Blatton doesn’t spawn right away, run around a little bit until he spawns. Sometimes the game has issues loading him in but after running around different parts of the area he should show up.
    战神诸神黄昏 战神5 Nar的杯赛地点 战神诸神黄昏 战神5 Nar的杯赛地点
    战神诸神黄昏 战神5 Nar的杯赛地点

在获得材料后,您还需要丢失的页面,以使 ;可以在铁匠那里进行手工制作。

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