战神诸神黄昏 战神5 Sverd Sands收藏品

Sverd Sands ;包含 ;1 ;战神收藏品。 ;本演练将按时间顺序引导您找到 ;Sverd Sands ;区域 ;中的所有收藏品。奖杯和100%完成所需的一切都包括在内。没有什么是不能错过的,一切都可以在故事之后收集。

  • 北欧海盗葬礼(人情):1



战神诸神黄昏 战神5 Sverd Sands收藏品


#1 – Favor: A Viking Funeral
This region only contains 1 favor for 100% completion (no “regular collectibles”). To get the Favor “A Viking Funeral” you must first finish the main story. After the story, go to Sindri’s house and talk to Lunda behind the smithing table. She will give you this quest. Then you must go to Svartalfheim, there will be a blue quest marker in Nidavellir region, in the house in the center of the town. Enter the house and interact with Brok. Then you get a new waypoint to Sverd Sands. Fast travel to the Mystic Gate (Portal) in Aurvangar Wetlands, in the south of the realm. After exiting the Mystic Gate, turn left to find a ferry. Interact with it and it will bring you to Sverd Sands. Then simply interact with Brok who has a blue quest marker. After a cutscene the proper end credits of the game will roll (you can skip them by holding 战神诸神黄昏 战神5 Sverd Sands收藏品 if you want). After this you earn the trophy “Funeral for a Friend” and the Sverd Sands region will show as 100% complete. There’s nothing else to collect here, it’s only the Favor.

这是100%的收藏品,你可以在战争之神Ragnarok的Sverd Sands ;地区找到。

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